Author: Adam Wesoloski
Originally Published: February 14, 2005

Coach Wyatt’s latest coaching tip is very interesting.

Coach, How does the center in the Wildcat offensive set know who to snap the ball to? Say Wildcat Rip 88 Power. Do you have a key word or something that tells the center which side to snap the ball to? We will be running this in our youth program this year.

Coach, this may sound strange to you, but he doesn’t know who to snap the ball to. All we want him to worry about is the snap count and his block. We don’t want him to have a third thing to have to deal with.

We used to have the players tell the center which one to snap it to, but not any more. Not since I came across some old clinic notes from a now-retired single-wing coach named Jerry Carle, from Colorado College. He had a formation similar to my Wildcat, in which he had two single-wing tailbacks, side by side, directly back of center, except that his guys were a few yards deeper. He told his center to snap it straight back, between the two of them, and it was their responsibility to know who was getting the ball.

I figured that as close as our guys were and as short as our snap was, that would work just as well for us, and sure enough, it did. So that is what I teach now and it works great. As always, you have to constantly drill the idea of “soft and low” into the center’s head, but you have to do that in any case if you are going to run the Wildcat.

Good luck. You will enjoy it.

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