Direct Snap returns to the single wing community after a bit of a hiatus. In 2014 the domain name expired and I was not able to renew the domain and ultimately lost it and the site files. At the time I was OK with that being the end of the website. I felt it ran its course and basically did not want to do it any longer. Fortunately JJ Lawson expressed an interest in the site  was able to secure the old domain. He was able to rescue a few stray articles and posted them on his Coach Somebody site. We hoped there would be more articles but we couldn’t figure out how to get the old files.

This past spring Jeremy Haymore and I began communicating via Twitter and he was interested in creating his own single wing football website. As we talked, the subject of the status of the old Direct Snap articles was brought up.  I told him the situation but one thing stuck in my craw though – I never did really dig into discovering if I could find a way to secure the old website files. After some research I found web archives that showed the old site. Upon further investigation I found a script that I could run that would download the files from the web archives. It worked and I told Coach Haymore he had full access to them if he wanted to use them at Fear the Wing.

Why Bring Back Direct Snap Now?

Back in late March my company downsized and I lost my position. As I have been hunting for a new opportunity I also have been learning digital marketing. Now I have begun to apply for positions within this field and on a couple of occasions I was asked to submit writing samples. It dawned on me that not only did I have writing experience but that I also ran a blog for quite some time. After thinking about it and needing to demonstrate experiences in writing, WordPress and other related skills associated with the field I decided to try and resurrect Direct Snap.

What’s New

The site’s address has changed to include the word vault to it. Vault is inspired by Fear the Wing’s posts that originated at Direct Snap. Coach Haymore has a section on the site called Vault and inside it says, “From the Direct Snap Vault“. However the site will still be known as Direct Snap so I can keep using the logo I came up when I first started the site. Coach Haymore will continue to use articles when he sees fit. Coach Haymore will continue to create spectacular new content while I will rarely post “new content”. The vast majority of my content will be republishing the original content. I made it clear that I am not in competition with Fear the Wing, but more in partnership with it.

The Future

The single wing offense is timeless so older articles are still relevant in my opinion. There’s new single wing coaches popping up all the time. Coaches, both youth and high school, are interacting on Twitter and FaceBook has a budding group called Single Wing Nation. The old standby, the Delphi Single Wing Forum is still around too and there’s a fantastic Vimeo video library with 192 single wing related videos. Hopefully new readers of this site will find value in it to go along with these resources.

Adam Wesoloski