Author: Adam Wesoloski
Originally Published: May 1, 2006

Fritz Crisler

Practical Football
A Manual For Coaches, Players and Students of the Game

By Fritz Crisler and Ted Wieman, 1934

Bowden Wyatt
Bowden Wyatt was a legendary player at UT from 1936-1938. Wyatt was the captain of General Neyland’s undefeated 1938 team. He had won championships as a head coach at Wyoming and Arkansas before taking the Tennessee job from 1955-62.

D&M Coaches’ and Players’ Handbook

Dave Cisar
These are three plays my Screaming Eagles 8-10 teams use to attack the off-tackle hole. We run the tailback power right at the hole, we do not bow our backs out as many do because we often have a pretty slow player there and he can get caught from behind. The half spin or “Mouse” series play we run out of both our regular set and split end set, since in the split end set, the fullback will pick up the backside end and the split end will force the playside corner out of the play. The spinner off-tackle by our fullback has always been a great play for us.

Eric Strutz
The Comets attack off-tackle strong in a number of ways, but we use essentially the same blocking scheme. We use SAB on the playside with the backside linemen doing a scramble/reach technique. From Spread formation we run the spin trap (below) and we’ll start using the front ride this season (next page top). We always mesh 3 backs on the full spin series plays. This season we’ll try pulling the backside tackle to lead block on the 2 off-tackle plays from spread formation.

From tight formation we use a nasty split on all off-tackle plays. We run a standard power and full spin pin as well as a T-series counter. On these plays the backside end uses a short-pull horn technique. We shift the FB (BB) over to the left on the T-series tailback counter because we put him there on the quick sweep and the flat motion quarterback power. On the tailback counter, the fullback leads through the point of attack.