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2007 Season in Review

Originally Published: December 10, 2007 Author: Adam Wesoloski The 2007 season was a bit different for me as a coach. Our Junior Pee Wee team was the youngest and least experienced team in our league. In a league where 10 year olds and lighter elevens are the core players of teams, our core players were […]

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Comets Middleweights — 2005 Season In Review

Author: Eric Strutz Originally Published: January 23, 2006 In the off-season, I’d spent countless hours studying Jim Ahern’s Spread SW because I thought we could use it to make the best use of the talent we would have. Now, as the season approached, I learned that the golden-armed quarterback and the quick halfback from the […]

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The Wedge


Author: Dave Cisar Originally Published: December 13th, 2004 The wedge play and the series built from should be a very important cog is any single wing offenses playbook. When I first researched this offense and play four years ago, I thought it looked like a silly play. I decided to put it in anyway, as […]

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The SST Formation

Authors: Steve Popovich & Ted Seay Originally Published: December 20, 2004 A Direct Snap Supplement to the Double Wing Offense Introduction The SST is a synthesis of the double and single wings and the shotgun. Simply put, we can run most of the double wing plays, with equal power, and still have a fairly strong, variable […]

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It’s the Kids’ Game


Author: Richard Bridgeo Originally Published: November 15, 2004 I think my approach to youth football is a little different from other guys. I believe the key to success in youth sports comes through having your players concentrating on the game and taking their own responsibility for success.

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