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HSC-Fly Attack, Part 2

Author: Ted Seay Originally Published: June 23, 2008 THE 20 SERIES: Z Fly Motion, QB Half-Spin The basic mechanics of the 20 series are similar to the 10 series, but this time it is Z coming in Fly motion and QB doing the half-spin footwork. If your QB is not the Tim Tebow type, you […]

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HSC-Fly Attack, Part 1

Author: Ted Seay Originally Published: June 2, 2008 This article is dedicated to coaches who never stop looking for ways to do things better. Recently, I was able to combine two concepts together into something which I believe could be the most effective direct-snap running game from spread formations yet invented. Until fairly recently I […]

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Direct Snap Football and Me

Author: Ted Seay Originally Published: January 27, 2005 I got my start in coaching in 1974 at the age of 16, preparing for the “powder puff” football game scheduled for November between the junior and senior class girls. Right before the end of my sophomore year in June, I made a trip down to the […]

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“Winning Single Wing Football” Review


Author: Ted Seay Originally Published: June 14, 2004 I am submitting my thoughts on Dr. Keuffel’s brand-new book below, and I encourage everyone here to do the same. Which means I encourage EVERYONE to buy this book… Winning Single Wing Football is a complete revision of Dr. Keuffel’s classic 1964 Simplified Single Wing Football (or […]

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The SST Formation

Authors: Steve Popovich & Ted Seay Originally Published: December 20, 2004 A Direct Snap Supplement to the Double Wing Offense Introduction The SST is a synthesis of the double and single wings and the shotgun. Simply put, we can run most of the double wing plays, with equal power, and still have a fairly strong, variable […]

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