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Diamond Single Wing Spread Attack

Author: Jeff Pichotta Originally Published: August 20, 2008 As I go over my spread quad series I am going to relate this offense to a chess board, specifically to the end game of a chess match. While teaching chess I usually start by making sure players understand the end game as soon as possible. Studies […]

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HSC-Fly Attack, Part 2

Author: Ted Seay Originally Published: June 23, 2008 THE 20 SERIES: Z Fly Motion, QB Half-Spin The basic mechanics of the 20 series are similar to the 10 series, but this time it is Z coming in Fly motion and QB doing the half-spin footwork. If your QB is not the Tim Tebow type, you […]

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HSC-Fly Attack, Part 1

Author: Ted Seay Originally Published: June 2, 2008 This article is dedicated to coaches who never stop looking for ways to do things better. Recently, I was able to combine two concepts together into something which I believe could be the most effective direct-snap running game from spread formations yet invented. Until fairly recently I […]

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The Line

Author: Paul Shanklin Originally Published: April 7, 2008 The Line Some come from the game with no scars, no pain- We emerge with bloodied hands, and bones so sore that it takes a few hours the next morning before we can walk upright. Some come from the game with pants still shiny, shirt barely dirty- […]

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Simple Multiple Series Single Wing

Originally Published: March 24, 2008 Author: Denis Cronin Deron Bayer, the Keynote Speaker of the 08 Conclave declared, “We’re simple because we’re simple.” It’s a great statement. One that makes coaches stop and take stock of what they are doing. How much is too much? When does more become counter productive? Are you fooling them […]

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