2009 Season in Review

Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead

Originally Published: November 2, 2010 Author: Adam Wesoloski The 2009 season brought a new coaching opportunity for me. Previously I was coaching Junior Pee Wee level football in a local Pop Warner organization. In 2009 our town wanted to reboot their youth tackle program which included the 5th and 6th grades. My son was a […]

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We Are Going to Run Off-Tackle

Author: Adam Wesoloski Originally Published: May 1, 2006 Fritz Crisler Practical Football A Manual For Coaches, Players and Students of the Game By Fritz Crisler and Ted Wieman, 1934

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Off-Tackle: The Reason Behind the Single Wing


Author: Ted Seay Originally Published: July 12, 2004 There have been some excellent articles posted to Direct Snap on why coaches should consider running the single wing offense, and on how best to do so — but what about the origin of the offense itself? As it turns out, there is at least some controversy […]

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