Hugh Wyatt

Wildcat Snap

Author: Adam Wesoloski Originally Published: February 14, 2005 Coach Wyatt’s latest coaching tip is very interesting. Coach, How does the center in the Wildcat offensive set know who to snap the ball to? Say Wildcat Rip 88 Power. Do you have a key word or something that tells the center which side to snap the […]

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Ernie Nevers – The Greatest Cardinal of Them All

Ernie Nevers

Author: Hugh Wyatt Originally Published: September 3, 2004 Ernie Nevers may be the only man in sports history to play pro football, pro baseball and pro basketball – and all in the same year (1927) at that. Despite the passage of all the years, Nevers may still be the most illustrious figure in Stanford’s long […]

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