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Sigourney-Keota, IA Shift


Author: Bob Howard Originally Published: March 20, 2006 Like most coaches, I am always looking for an edge, something to give us an advantage over the competition. That was one of the main reasons we began to run the single wing offense in 1987. At that time we were the only school in Iowa using […]

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The Buck Lateral Fullback Trap


Author: Jay Phares Originally Published: January 15th, 2010 INTRODUCTION When talking about the Buck Lateral Series, you must first mention the greats that have perfected the series and gashed numerous teams with its effective combination of deception and power. Those names include Crisler, Caldwell and Ragsdale. Crisler’s players were dubbed the “Mad Magicians,” Caldwell wrote […]

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North Carolina High School Football Nostalgia

Author: Keith Neal Originally Published: January 24, 2005 1926 Team 1926 was the first year that Cherryville High School, NC was recorded as playing football. This was a glass negative photo of that team. They are recorded as winning the first game they played and probably the first game that most of the team members […]

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The Wedge


Author: Dave Cisar Originally Published: December 13th, 2004 The wedge play and the series built from should be a very important cog is any single wing offenses playbook. When I first researched this offense and play four years ago, I thought it looked like a silly play. I decided to put it in anyway, as […]

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Football Madness in the Piedmont, Part 1

Author: Keith Neal Originally Published: November 22, 2004 Gentlemen, if you ever get much of a chance to go dig around in your local library or high school, you can strike gold. Gold nuggets of information can be found about football from an era long gone but still relevant to today.

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