Tom Lewis-Short Punter
Author: Tom Lewis
Originally Published: June 21, 2004

I am sure this will be the most asked question I will hear. I feel we are running the single wing for these very important reasons.

The first is that in order to be successful, you must either do something better or do something different than everyone else. Rather than trying to match up toe to toe with the bigger schools of the Firelands Conference, I would rather confuse and dazzle them. The single wing offense is different because it does not use a quarterback but rather the center will snap the ball directly to the running back. The running back will keep it and run, pass it, or hand it to another running back. The full spin and half spin series are the most deceptive in the game of football while the power attack will be effective against a team on their heels trying to figure out the misdirection. The quarterback position is replaced with an additional blocker giving us an advantage over our opponent’s defense. All four of the running backs will have pass plays that are built directly off the running game.

The second reason is that today’s defenses with their four man fronts are not designed to handle the kind of power the single wing can generate. As an experienced defensive coach, I can tell you the only way to stop it is to try to match the power at the point of attack which means committing nine or ten players to the line of scrimmage. If this happens, I believe our pass offense will now flourish.

The third and probably the most important reason is that our team will be unique. We will “own” the single wing offense. Getting our team to believe together that what we are doing is unique and so different that we will be successful. Most of the knowledge about the single wing offense is very hard to find. I should know I have been putting this offensive package together for almost six years. I firmly believe that our opponents will not be able to replicate our offense during the week’s practice and will not be able to stop us with their base defense. They will have to change how their defense plays just for us and spend a lot of time working on stopping our offense. In order for them to do this, they will have to cut time out of their practice for their offense and special teams.

The fourth reason is that the single wing is the ultimate “TEAM” offense with no special positions that are treated differently. All players will hit, run, and block. The linemen are not asked to make the key block alone but rather there is almost always a double team at the point of attack with a kick out block from our blocking back.

The fifth reason is that I firmly believe in this offense. The misdirection, deception and power are not matched by any other offense. This offense doesn’t require a great quarterback or great running back to make it go. It is highly adaptable for each year’s talent. The blocking schemes are very simple and easy to learn. And I am sure that the players will find that it is fun to run.

Tom Lewis