Author: Adam Wesoloski
Originally Published: December 12, 2005

List compiled by coaches of the Delphi Single Wing Forum

  1. Can’t pass out of it.
  2. Illegal formation.
  3. Only for teams with small backs.
  4. It’s an Internet offense.
  5. It’s a trick offense.
  6. Stupid no-quarterback offense.
  7. You can’t get a center to snap the ball without bad snaps.
  8. Line splits are too close.
  9. Doesn’t prepare the kids for college offenses.
  10. Can’t run out of it.
  11. Too predictable.
  12. Blocking is too confusing for the kids.
  13. Limited options on offense, easy to defend.
  14. Why don’t they run it on Sunday if it’s so good?
  15. Too hard for the kids to learn the plays.
  16. Only works against teams that haven’t seen it before.
  17. That’s just a glorified shotgun offense.
  18. You need to run a REAL offense.
  19. It’s faster to have a quarterback hand the ball off.
  20. The unbalanced line with tight splits is a dead give-away for the off-tackle play.
  21. The wingback counter is the only weakside threat you have.
  22. All you have to do is follow the blocking back and/or guards and you can stop it.
  23. It takes too much time to teach because it has difficult concepts.
  24. I don’t know why it won’t work, it’s just not right for our players. They won’t like it.
  25. It doesn’t develop a quarterback for high school.
  26. It won’t work at the high school level.
  27. You need a stud tailback who can run, throw and catch.
  28. It’s not real football.
  29. You can stop it by blasting the center into submission.
  30. Rugby-style offense.
  31. It’s easy to stop — just tackle everybody coming out of the backfield.
  32. We need to spread the offense out.
  33. If it’s muddy the kids can’t catch the snap.
  34. You need a quarterback under center to get short yardage with a sneak.
  35. It’s stupid to snap the ball back three yards to gain one.