Originally Published: January 13, 2012

Author: Bill Mountjoy

The best direct snap football I ever ran is below — the San Francisco 49ers/Dallas Cowboys “SHOTGUN”.  Roger Staubach made the Hall of Fame in this system! Better running game than ANY Single Wing offense, GREAT for passing and it only needs 3-4 runs to be COMPLETE. The origins of the series comes from this 1961 Sports Illustrated article.

Power Sweep
Really two plays: wingback motions to carry, but may also run the QB (TB) on the same path with the same blocking (no wingback motion, he blocks downfield).

Boot Pass
Off power sweep fake

Off power sweep fake

QB (TB) Iso

Dropback Pass
Route trees and protection

Gun Pass Pro

Example: vs. WT-6

X/Y/Z = Free release
LT = #2
LG = #1
C = #0
RG = #1
RT = #2 (if he drops, pull out looking for #4. Both will not come.)
L & R = check out off #3

1961 San Francisco 49ers Highlights