Author: Ted Seay
Originally Published: June 13, 2005

The American Boy, 1916

Part 3

End Run From Punt Formation
by William H. Hollenback, of Pennsylvania,
Head Coach Syracuse University

The run from the kick formation is probably the strongest running play in modern football. The secret of its success lies in getting the line-men into the interference (blocking).

Center passes the ball to the fullback (punter) who runs straight out to the right in order to draw the opposing left end across. The two halfbacks go straight out also. The left half blocks the defensive end out and the right half turns in ahead of the fullback, who also turns in as the defensive end is blocked. On the snap of the ball, the right end blocks the defensive left tackle and the left guard and tackle come out of the line (pull) and turn in just off right tackle. Right guard and tackle block as indicated. Center and left end block and then go through to block defensive secondary defense. It is very important that the right end block the tackle; the left tackle and guard’s speed in getting into the interference is also important to the play. The fullback does not move fast until he turns in between the defensive left tackle and left end. Speed is a big factor in this play.

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Ted Seay