Author: Bill Statz
Originally Published: January 9, 2006

Interview with Coach Joe Blount, author of “The Smorgasbord Offense For Winning High School Football”

By Bill Statz

I have known Coach Blount for many years. I looked him up after reading his Athletic Journal article of 1949, “Short on Material, Try the Short Punt.” In that first discussion Coach Blount told me he wrote a book on his offense. Of course it was out of print, but after a decade I was able to purchase a located book.

From the Smorgasbord, Coach Blount could line up in the Short Punt, Single Wing, Double Wing, Triple Wing, “Y” Formation and the “Shotgun” Formation. Coach Blount wrote his book in 1965. He said he was having coffee with his former Texas teammate, Tom Landry, when he suggested to Landry to run his “Shotgun” formation prior to the 1969 season. On page 57 of his book, Coach Blount writes about the “Shotgun” formation which came from TCU’s Coach Leo “Dutch” Meyer’s TCU Spread formation.

Coach Blount used the Short Punt formation 65-70% of the time. He liked the balance it provided. The backfield would be 1-1/2 men to the weak side and 2-1/2 men to the strong side.

Coach Blount could create other formations with different placements of the quarterback and/or blocking back. One such formation is SMU’s old “Y” Formation which was a favorite of Coach Matty Bell.

Coach Blount’s favorite play was “36” and “Flip-Flop 36”. This is his power off-tackle play. The fullback and blocking back execute a running double team block on the defensive end while the quarterback and back side guard would lead through the hole. “Flip-Flop 36” entailed flip-flopping the offense’s strong right side to the left side and running against the defense’s weaker personnel.