Author: Tom Davis
Originally Published: December 6, 2004

First, I would like to say I really enjoy the Direct Snap website and the articles have been outstanding. This article will be a bit different since it is not about X’s and O’s or the history of our great offense. However, for the new coach to this offense or plain old football fanatic like me this will open a new research door.

My first year as a head coach I ran a Wyatt style double wing. We were in a league from San Diego County and during that year we had the big fires that made the national news. Since the air was so bad all practices and games were cancelled. I had just received my Calande single wing video. I planned on watching after the season. Since there was no practice or game to prepare for I decided to watch it, after seeing how similar it was to what we were doing with the double wing I realized this was the offense we needed to run before the end of the season. We did run it our last game with a 6 hours practice but that’s another story. After that game I became a diehard single wing guy.

I would go to the Delphi Single Wing Forum and hear all these guys talking about books by Aldrich, Keuffel, and Caldwell. I wanted to read these books so I could have a better knowledge of the single wing. I used the Internet to try and find a way to buy the books but I always ran into a dead-end. I would always see posts from Wade at the Delphi Youth Football Coaches Forum site talking about something called an inter-library loan. It sounded real difficult but I HAD TO READ THOSE BOOKS! Finally I said what the hell decided to try it.

The first book I decided to get was Coach Aldrich’s “Single Wing Offense with the Spinning Fullback”. I got the basic information from Russell Farley’s Football Booklist and went to the library. There is a link to the booklist at this site. Here is all you need:

Title: Single Wing Offense with the Spinning Fullback
Author: John F. Aldrich
Year Published: 1983
Publisher: Iowa State University Press
ISBN: 0-8138-1643-2

Sometimes you won’t be able to find the ISBN for the book you want. It helps if you have it but I’ve always been able to get the book I’ve requested without the ISBN.

I went to the library information desk and asked how to use this service. I was given a simple form to fill out. Like this:

inter-library loan form

There was a part on the form asking how much I was willing to pay for shipping if the sending library required it. I put $10.00. I’ve never had to pay any shipping. Usually I’ve had to pay a $2.50 service fee. However for out of state books it could cost up to $20.00 in shipping cost. Good reason to copy the book since it’s about the price of a book today.

In less than 2 weeks I received my notice that the book was in. I went to the library and there it was — Coach Aldrich’s “Single Wing Offense with the Spinning Fullback”. When I signed out for the book I noticed there was a wrapper around the book notifying me that it had to be returned by a certain date and couldn’t be renewed. I point this out because now anytime I receive my notice I rush to the library because the loan period is already in effect even though I haven’t checked out the book.

I’ve ordered Caldwell’s “Modern Single Wing”, and Tierney and Gray’s “The New Double Wing Attack” and Coach Aldrich’s book a second time. I just ordered a Fritz Crisler book and received it in less than 10 days.

The basic book information you would need to order a book you can get from Russell Farley’s booklist, another good source to find basic book information are the bibliographies at the end of John Reed’s Youth football books.

I want to thank Adam for allowing me to post this article so the coaches who want to check this offense out can find the information on how to properly install the single wing offense.

Tom Davis