Author: Tom Benjey
Originally Published: May 21, 2007

Historical Football Documents Unearthed

Earliest documentation of Pop Warner’s Single-Wing formation found

Drastic football rule changes created modern American football in 1906. The Carlisle Indian School football team, running Pop Warner’s revolutionary new offense defeated Villanova in the first modern game 100 years ago. That event was commemorated by Tuxedo Press in its 10-minute documentary, The Birth of Modern Football. Now Tuxedo Press has unearthed long-forgotten documentation of the birth and evolution of the single-wing formation.

The Birth of Modern Football created controversy among football historians because, decades ago, a prominent sports writer placed the birth of the single-wing at a later date. He based his opinion largely on a conversation he had with Pop Warner in the 1950s and an article in which Warner seemed to contradict himself. Tuxedo Press poured through the archives across the country and located the few surviving copies of a correspondence course Warner began to sell in 1908. Also found were what are believed to be a 1909 supplement and a 1910 rewrite of the Offense pamphlet, the one in which the single-wing is documented.

Football aficionados requested that Tuxedo Press make these documents available to the public. Warner’s 1912 and 1927 books can be found as rare books but are too fragile and expensive to be used by coaches and historians wanting to use them extensively. The correspondence course can only be obtained by ordering photocopies of pamphlets from archives that hold them. Putting together the Offense pamphlets from the Correspondence course requires a lot of time and expense for a product that is difficult to use. Tuxedo Press is announcing the Pop Warner Single-Wing Trilogy, a set of three books that documents the single-wing from its birth, evolution at Carlisle to its full blossom at Stanford.

Pop Warner’s Single-Wing Trilogy can be purchased as individual volumes from your favorite bookstore, or directly from Tuxedo Press, who also offers a 3-volume set at a discount.

Reprints of the Pop Warner Single-Wing Trilogy

A Course in Football for Players and Coaches: Offense
Reprints of the 1908 Offense pamphlet, 1909 supplement and 1910 revision from Warner’s ground-breaking correspondence course on the rudiments of football. Also includes Tom Benjey’s interpretation of the birth and early evolution of the single-wing offense.
ISBN-10 0-9774486-5-7
ISBN-13 978-0-9774486-5-4
$10.00 plus tax & shipping

A Course in Football for Players and Coaches
Reprint of Warner’s 1912 book version of his correspondence course on the rudiments of football. Includes an early evolution of the single-wing offense.
ISBN-10 0-9774486-6-5
ISBN-13 978-0-9774486-6-1
$15.00 plus tax & shipping

Football for Coaches and Players
Reprint of Warner’s 1927 hardbound classic on the rudiments of football.
Includes evolved unbalanced-line single-wing and double-wing formations.
ISBN-10 0-9774486-4-9
ISBN-13 978-0-9774486-4-7
$17.00 plus tax & shipping

Complete set of Warner’s single-wing trilogy $35.00 plus tax & shipping – a $7.00 saving

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