The “A” Formation: Simplified and Updated-Part 2

Originally Published: March 2nd, 2010 Author: Ted Seay Q&A Part One: The Passing Game Direct Snap: Let’s move on to the passing game. Apart from the QB Boot, which is a run-pass option, what does the aerial attack look like in your revised “A” formation offense? Ted Seay: As with everything else in football, I try to […]

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The “A” Formation: Simplified and Updated-Part 1

Originally Published: February 8th, 2010 Author: Ted Seay Q&A Part One: The Run Game DS: Ted Seay, you’ve recently released an “A” formation PowerPoint presentation titled The “A” Formation: Simplified & Updated. This follows a previous “A” PowerPoint in 2007 and a Word document a year or two before that. I understand your interest in the “A”, […]

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Football Offense of 1939 in High Schools-Part 10

Special thanks to Jim Barg for the materials and Guy Savoie for the text conversion Originally Published: February 11th, 2008 Athletic Journal — 1939 Kentucky Diagram 91 is a double reverse inside the weak-side tackle with a trap on the tackle. Five goes to his left and blocks the opposing end; 6 and the center […]

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Triple Wing

Originally Published: November 25, 2007 12 Feb 1966 Dear Bill: Am very sorry that I have not gotten some material to you on the triple wing back as I promised. We have been getting this office transferred to Bill Murray at Duke and I haven’t had a chance to go into the archives and dig […]

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Dutch Meyer’s TCU Spread

Originally Published: November 12, 2007 OLD SCHOOL FOOTBALL NEWSLETTER 2007 – ISSUE 4 – By Hugh Wyatt – www.coachwyatt.com Before you start firing off e-mails denouncing me for breaking my pledge to write about OLD SCHOOL FOOTBALL by writing about something with the word “SPREAD” in it… Relax. Bear with me. The book shown above […]

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