August 2018

Fritz Crisler’s ‘Mad Magicians’

Author: Adam Wesoloski Originally Published: December 24, 2006 Head coach Fritz Crisler let loose his “Mad Magicians” with one of the trickiest offenses in college football history. “For sheer deception, there had been nothing like the Magicians before,” wrote Ivan Kaye in Michigan Today. “And there has been nothing like them since — three men handling […]

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Strengthening Your Weak Side Attack

Author: Sean McCormick Originally Published: December 4, 2006 Strengthening Your Weak Side Attack From the Unbalanced Line Single Wing Defensive coaches are very quick to counter the unbalanced Single Wing formation by stepping down the DLs and LBs to take away the power advantage of the offense’s strong side. Unless the offense can out-athlete the […]

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