January 2018

Modern Single Wing Football

Originally Published: February 7, 2005 by Charles W. Caldwell, Jr., Head Coach, Princeton University J.B. Lippincott, 1951 Excerpt from Chapter 1 — The Human Equation (pages 19-21) The longer I coach, the more I work with boys, the more clearly I understand that the seemingly call incidents — often chance happenings, — are largely responsible […]

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Historical Perspective: Jock Sutherland

Author: George Matthews Originally Published: January 3, 2005 Probably no football coach ever constructed a running attack with more precision, power, and sheen than Jock Sutherland. His teams were power teams; the backs ran with fury behind devastating blocking of the unbalanced single wing. His teams would begin by attacking the flanks and off tackle […]

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The Combo Offense — One Formation, Two Offenses

Author: Barry Gibson Originally Published: January 10, 2005 Copyright Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director, 2001. Posted by permission of Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director. In my 23 years of football coaching, I have run just about every kind of offense known to man: power plays, misdirection, options, and wide-open passing schemes, to cite a few. […]

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