June 2017

The Buck Lateral Fullback Trap


Author: Jay Phares Originally Published: January 15th, 2010 INTRODUCTION When talking about the Buck Lateral Series, you must first mention the greats that have perfected the series and gashed numerous teams with its effective combination of deception and power. Those names include Crisler, Caldwell and Ragsdale. Crisler’s players were dubbed the “Mad Magicians,” Caldwell wrote […]

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Gulf Coast Offense


Author: Darrin Hicks Originally Published: March 10th, 2008 Special thanks to Danny Spain for contacting Coach Hicks The Gulf Coast Offense (GCO) is a hybrid spread no-huddle offense, which allows us to control the tempo of the game while utilizing numerous styles in our attack. We have blended multiple offensive systems into what we think […]

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North Carolina High School Football Nostalgia

Author: Keith Neal Originally Published: January 24, 2005 1926 Team 1926 was the first year that Cherryville High School, NC was recorded as playing football. This was a glass negative photo of that team. They are recorded as winning the first game they played and probably the first game that most of the team members […]

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Direct Snap Football and Me

Author: Ted Seay Originally Published: January 27, 2005 I got my start in coaching in 1974 at the age of 16, preparing for the “powder puff” football game scheduled for November between the junior and senior class girls. Right before the end of my sophomore year in June, I made a trip down to the […]

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Ernie Nevers – The Greatest Cardinal of Them All

Ernie Nevers

Author: Hugh Wyatt Originally Published: September 3, 2004 Ernie Nevers may be the only man in sports history to play pro football, pro baseball and pro basketball – and all in the same year (1927) at that. Despite the passage of all the years, Nevers may still be the most illustrious figure in Stanford’s long […]

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