Simple Multiple Series Single Wing

Originally Published: March 24, 2008
Author: Denis Cronin

Deron Bayer, the Keynote Speaker of the 08 Conclave declared, “We’re simple because we’re simple.” It’s a great statement. One that makes coaches stop and take stock of what they are doing.

How much is too much? When does more become counter productive? Are you fooling them or us? Questions we all should ask of ourselves from time to time.

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Football Offense of 1939 in High Schools-Part 10

Special thanks to Jim Barg for the materials and Guy Savoie for the text conversion
Originally Published: February 11th, 2008

Athletic Journal — 1939


Diagram 91 is a double reverse inside the weak-side tackle with a trap on the tackle. Five goes to his left and blocks the opposing end; 6 and the center team on the defensive right guard; 8 pulls out and mousetraps the right tackle; 9 takes the left guard; 10 helps 9 by brushing the left guard, then drives for the strong-side backer-up; 11 brushes the left tackle, then diagonals across the secondary for the defensive right halfback; 2 drives through for the weak-side backer-up; the ball is passed to 3 who gives it to 4 who in turn gives it to 1; 3 then helps 8 with the right tackle; 4 protects from the right side.

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Ideas From Inside the Tulsa Formation

Originally Published: January 14, 2008
Author: John Minteer

Adam asked me a couple of months ago to write few words about the Tulsa Box, and I am committed to that, but I thought I would take you on a little detour for a few moments and give you a little background on my “drug” habit. I have been following the Single Wing since the winter of 1995 when I was coaching at the local middle school in my hometown. Once discovered, I spent more time tinkering and drawing plays, formations, and entertained just about every crazy idea that popped into my skull.

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2007 Season in Review

Originally Published: December 10, 2007
Author: Adam Wesoloski

The 2007 season was a bit different for me as a coach. Our Junior Pee Wee team was the youngest and least experienced team in our league. In a league where 10 year olds and lighter elevens are the core players of teams, our core players were 9 year olds. The difference was significant. However, this was one of the most pleasurable groups to coach. These players came to practice early and worked very hard all season improving dramatically over the course of the season.

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Triple Wing

Originally Published: November 25, 2007

12 Feb 1966

Dear Bill:

Am very sorry that I have not gotten some material to you on the triple wing back as I promised. We have been getting this office transferred to Bill Murray at Duke and I haven’t had a chance to go into the archives and dig out the materials before going on an extended foreign trip in a few weeks.

The best I can do now is to give you a short resume and development of it and how it evolved. Also the formation and the variations that I used. It never had a good test. We hit a peak with it in 1932 — an 8-1 season — after defeating Princeton 3 years in a row on their own field with it.

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